What To Do When You're Locked Out Of Your House At Night

It's entirely possible to lock yourself out of your house when you least expect it. If you're in the habit of locking your doors from the inside, you may accidentally lock yourself out while taking out the trash at night or chasing a pet that's escaped into the yard. There's never a good time to get locked out, but this problem can be particularly vexing if it happens at night. Fortunately, emergency locksmith services are available to help you when you need it most. Here are three things you should do when you end up locked out of the house at night.

1. Keep yourself safe.

Your safety should always be your primary concern. While scaling a fence to get back into your house may be the most expedient solution, it probably isn't the safest. Trying to break into your own house can lead to injury or property damage. You may hurt yourself while trying to climb in through a window, and you may alarm your neighbors, which can lead to police intervention. Protect yourself by avoiding rash solutions.

2. Call an emergency locksmith service.

If you were locked out of the house with your cellphone, taking this next step will be easy; it's a good idea to pre-program an emergency locksmith's phone number into your cellphone so you won't need to waste valuable time looking it up on the internet. Unfortunately, when people get locked out of their homes late at night, it's likely they'll have forgotten their phone in the house. If you have a good relationship with your neighbors, you can try knocking on their doors and asking to use their telephones. If this isn't an option, a local business may allow you to use their phone if you explain your situation.

3. Make sure you can provide proof of residence.

Locksmiths need to ensure that you're the legal resident of a house or apartment before letting you in. Before they will pick your lock, you will need to prove that you live in your home. If you have your wallet on you, you can show your driver's license, which should have your address listed. If you left your wallet in the house, a piece of mail can suffice. A piece of mail with your name and address can provide proof of residence; however, the locksmith may still ask to see your ID for confirmation after they have opened the door.

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