Fire Safety In Your Office Building

Office buildings often employ dozens of people working in close proximity. A fire can create chaos, injuries, equipment damage and in extreme cases, death. To prevent your own office building from ever having to deal with those issues, take these safety actions seriously.

1-Assess Suppression Systems

To comply with fire codes, your building likely already has fire suppression systems. However, if these systems are in need of minor repairs, they might not work. There could be blocked or obstructed vents that don't permit proper air circulation or don't allow some of the sprinklers to function. If you are not the first owner of the building, it's smart to assess and test these systems. Fire suppression system professionals should be consulted for tests.

Even if the current fire system is working, you might consider system upgrades. For instance, you could seek out systems that work on removing smoke odors from the space as well as flames.

2-Train Workers

Everyone in your office is likely aware that there are "exit" signs and building layout maps on the walls. However, few people may have a real idea of what the fire plan is. Every month you should be running some kind of drill that will show workers how to safely escape a burning building. When a real fire happens, some people have a tendency to freeze up. Giving your employees frequent reminders of what to do will help get them moving and relocated to a safe place if a problem happens.

3-Check Extinguishers

In addition to suppression systems, you're likely to keep several extinguishers in the facility. However, not every red fire extinguisher is the same. In fact, different classifications will tell you how the equipment is best used. For instance, your employee breakroom or kitchen will need something specific. A "Class K" is an extinguisher that will contain materials that are perfect for handling grease, oil and other similar fires. You're likely to need extinguishers from a few different classes.

Once the extinguishers are there, however, you can't forget they're there. Expiration dates are stamped on them so that you can get new ones before the materials inside them aren't as potent. Periodically check dates and classifications to be certain your office is using this equipment properly. 

With working suppression systems, a good training program, and attention to extinguishers, your office will be far safer. Implement these and similar suggestions so your office can not only be productive, but also safe. Make sure you're prepared by contacting a company like the Alexander Gow Fire Equipment Company

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