Considering A Home Security System? Know The Advantages

Are you a homeowner that is thinking about adding a security system to your home? If so, you're likely debating if this service is really necessary. Here are some of the advantages of having a home security system installed.

Automatic Police Dispatching

A common mistake that people make is getting a web camera instead of a security system. After all, it allows the homeowner to see inside their home and get an idea about what is going on. If there is a motion alert while they are not home, they can check in and call the police if necessary. Unfortunately, this seems good in theory but is not good in practice. 

Monitoring your own home requires that you take action. You may be good at checking the cameras every time that the motion alert goes off but eventually get frustrated and learn to ignore it after discovering how often your cat sets off the alert. The camera will give you peace of mind that everything is safe when you check it, but it will not actually protect your home.

Using a security system is going to provide automatic police dispatching. If any of your alarms go off, such as a glass break sensor or main door sensor, the police will be called if the alarm is not deactivated quickly. This will let you know that if someone does break into your home, it is not on you to make that decision to check and call the police. 

Entry Alerts

The nice thing about modern security systems is that they can alert you any time that the alarm system is activated or deactivated. It is even possible to give each person in your home a unique PIN code so that you know who is coming and going. This allows your security system to act as a theft deterrent and a family notification system that everyone can use. 

For example, if you have kids that are responsible for coming home from school on their own, you may be worried when you don't get a text from them saying that they're home or telling you where they are. With a security system, you can actually get push notifications when the alarm is deactivated so that you know they've made it home safe for the day. No more worries if you do not hear back from your kids or significant other if you are concerned about their whereabouts. 

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