Three Advantages Of A Web-Based, Card Access Security System

As thieves have become more sophisticated at breaking into residential and business complexes, so has the need for increased security systems. A traditional lock and key is not enough protection. If your business or property is still using older locks and other security, you should consider upgrading to a modern, web-based, card access control system. The following are a few advantages to using this type of system.

They eliminate the need for traditional keys

This alone increases a property owner's security. When physical, metal keys are used, there are abundant opportunities for theft. Keys can easily get into the wrong hands, and copies can be made quickly. Electronic keys are too sophisticated to be duplicated easily. In addition, regular keys can be lost and not reported or not reported in a timely manner. It is far too common for a thief to simply use a key to steal. This is because a security system based on metal keys and locks is too difficult to control sufficiently to protect your business or property.

They provide greater security because of web access

The person in charge of security at any given time has access to the entire collection of electronic key cards, so if there is a report of a stolen card, it can be switched off immediately. This reduces the chance of the device falling into the wrong hands. But there is the added security of knowing when a card is accessing any entry or exit point in the building at all times. If someone were to access a door without authorization, then the record of the exact time this occurred, in conjunction with a surveillance camera, may lead to a positive identification of the trespasser.

Cloud-based systems provide additional benefits

A web-based security system that is integrated with cloud technology provides even more benefits than a simple web-based system. With this type of system, there is no need for a control room for the security system or to have your own computer host the software for the system. The software is provided by the security company and can be accessed from devices and users of your choice. Like all cloud-based systems, your data is secured on remote servers that are protected from the natural elements.

The modern security system for property and business owners has evolved beyond the need for traditional keys. All the shortcomings of older lock-and-key systems have been eliminated with the use of an electronic card system. They are extremely difficult to duplicate and can be turned off immediately from a computer or even a smartphone. If this system is cloud-based, you will also enjoy the benefits of mobile control, along with less hardware and software investment.

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